A message from the Vice Principal

رسالة نائب المدير

Dear parents,

We hope you and your families are doing very well.

As you probably know we will be starting the online teaching on Sunday 22nd of March (tomorrow). Among platforms available to deliver the curriculum we chose Schoology. Schoology is a very powerful eLearning platform used by more than 60,000 schools worldwide. It is designed in the USA for American curriculum schools. We hope our students will find it easy and simple to use. We have sent the link for the website and the log in information for each student and parent through the school mobile App (Integreat), SMS, and email. Schoology can also be downloaded as an application but with some features missing. We ask you please to login using a laptop or desktop although an iPad is also fine. If for any reason you did not receive the link and/or the username and password. Please email Ms.Yassmin at: yassmin@inpsaa.com.

Along with this email you will find the timetable for the week. Nevertheless, the first lesson for grades 3-11 will be on Sunday at 4:00 for the first day only for one time only. This first lesson will be an introduction to the online platform and some additional basic information. The KG timetable will be communicated to you through ClassDojo as per Ms. Imtithal the head of KG.

For grade 12 only, lessons will start at 1:00 PM for 4 periods of 30 minutes each. Grade 12 will finish all the required towards the 16th of April (4 weeks). Moreover, we are having a comprehensive support plan for them. Please note that we will be teaching the 6 core subjects only. For the full timetable please check the school website. The teachers will also share it with their students once they log in to Schoology.

Dear parents, moving completely to online teaching and learning in such a short period is not an easy task. There will be ups and downs before students and parents become easy with this online transition. We ask you please to be patient and tolerant and always positive to make this new learning experience pleasant and fruitful.

We will be updating you continuously with information, please check the school website at least once per day.

For support please use any of those emails:

Curriculum help:               academichelp@inpsaa.com                         IT help:                 ithelp@inpsaa.com

Health and safety help:    hshelp@inpsaa.com                                      Social help:         swhelp@inpsaa.com

All the best.


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