Principal’s Message

We are not guests in this world. Rather, are the people and the owners of this world. We were created to build it and build edifices of knowledge and innovation on it.

Such are dreams, they are neither given nor endowed, but rather extracted from the fangs of life until we prove to them that we deserve them.

Because of this, Al Ittihad National Private School has always believed in the message of the past and kept on thinking about the boundless prospects of the future.

Dear respected parents,

Your children are ours. This is a pledge we have made by choosing the best standards of educational curricula and creating an environment that nurtures the spirit of creativity and innovation in the hearts of our children.

My dear students,

With you, this nation rises, and with your vigor, all its dreams become true and turn into reality; and because you are the children of this land that made the first place its unquestionable choice, you are, therefore, entrusted with this responsibility.

Al-Ittihad is your school, your home, and the incubator of your creativity, so open your hearts and minds to it, and be on a date with your bright future and your aspirations that you see with certainty in mind. We are all in Al-Ittihad - administrators and teachers - our one and only goal is "you" and what you aspire to become. We are here to help you and guide you; we ask God to accept from us and help us fulfill your responsibility.

You deserve the best; do not submit to what is lower or less. Be what you want and be what you love.


School Principal,

Mrs. Najat Al Dhaheri